Tips for Installing Hardwood Floors


Having hardwood floors in a house is something special. Hardwood floors are easy to care for and everyone in the family will like it. Hardwood floors are good for people who have allergies. There are a lot of tiny insects and bacteria that can live in carpets, where a lot of people might be allergic to. This is why having hardwood floors will help eliminate house allergies because once you get rid of your carpet, you will also get rid of the tiny insects and bacterias that live in your house.

Before you get hardwood floors you need to decide exactly where you would like to put it. You can have hardwood floors all over your house, like the bedrooms, den, dining room, and even in your living room. The only place where hardwood floors are not popular in are the kitchen and bathrooms. Then you need to measure the area where you are going to put the hardwood floor. One thing you should know is that hardwood flooring comes in a variety of materials and styles. You should decide which type of hardwood floor will go best with your house style. By this time you should know if your house has plywood sub floor and you can know this by removing your carpet in a small area. If you are remodeling, you may find that a 5/16 inch or 3/8 inch engineered flooring product will fit. The standard thickness of a hardwood floor is ¾ inches which might require you to change or trim the doors in the room. In other instances you may want the structural stability of ¾ inch product.

Then you should decide whether you would like an unfinished or prefinished wood flooring in your home. A prefinished flooring has the polyurethane coating already applied, so once you install the wood into your home your project is complete. If you would like an unfinished flooring, this will require you to sand and coat the wood after it is installed.

If you are going to get a prefinished product then you should go with the stain color. Unfinished floors are stained after they are installed, but a prefinished product comes already stained. A prefinished flooring is also easier to glue down if you are going to do the project by yourself. Whereas the unfinished flooring will require it to be nailed down onto the floor which might involve you to hire someone.

If you are going to hire someone to do your hardwood flooring you should make sure that you and the installer agree upon the amount of material that is going to be needed for the job because flooring involves a waste factor that varies with room geometry and the type of product. Remember to expect approximately 15 – 25 percent wood floor waste.

Before you order your product you should shop around at several home centers or suppliers to check out the various products and compare prices. After you have decided where you are going to order your wood flooring from, be sure to remember to also order the nails, glue, or any other material that is going to be used in order for you or your contractor to finish the project.

A few tips about hardwood floors: oak is the most popular choice of flooring material, but maple and pine are also frequently used. Also unfinished flooring allows you greater latitude in stain colors than prefinished products, which typically come in only three or four colors.





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Tips for Installing Hardwood Floors